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Persuading Cara S. Hypno

Persuading Cara

S. Hypno

Kindle Edition
25 pages
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 About the Book 

John took advantage of the relaxation sessions with his beautiful sister-in-law, Cara, by making her agree to any suggestions whenever she hears the phrase Good girl Cara. When his wife is away, John uses the trigger to persuade Cara to have some fun with him.At the office, Caras perverted boss accidentally uses the trigger phrase on her, and got much more than he bargained for...Short Story: 6,665 WordsWarning - Sexual content not suitable for the youngExcerpt:The rush that coursed through John was undeniable. Like a kid with a new toy, John could not wait to test out the new trigger that he had put in Cara’s mind.“I know it’s a little sudden, but I just wanted to say that youve been a ‘good girl Cara’. Your sister and I are thankful that you came to live with us.” John said, careful to pronounce the trigger phrase clearly.“Why thanks John, I appreciate everything that you and Sarah had been doing for me. I just wish there’s something that I can do for you in return...I know how busy Sarah is with her work,” Cara said, taking a bite of her cereal.“You could hand me your cereal bowl and spoon.”Cara looked down at her bowl and spoon oddly, as if she had no idea why John would ask for something so strange.“Sure, have some cereal,” Cara shrugged, handing over her bowl and spoon.The relief that swept through John was emboldening. Feeling braver, John told Cara exactly what he wanted. “Maybe there’s something that you can do Cara. I’ve always wanted to kiss you on your lips.”“What?” Cara looked confused. “It’s not funny, John. Don’t joke around.” Cara said, looking nervously at her brother-in-law.“I’m not joking, Cara. It’s just a kiss. C’mon, we’re family.” John took her slender face in his hands, running his fingers into the long hair that slid down her back.“But...but I’m not sure if it’s proper.”“Please Cara, just this once.” John pleaded, his voice growing husky with the need to touch her lips.Cara breathed deeply and closed her eyes. “Just this once, John. Just this once, and no more than a kiss, okay?” Cara’s thoughts were all confused. She wasn’t sure why she agreed to John’s request. Or was she the one who suggested it? That’s right, she did. She loved her brother-in-law, and it’s just a harmless kiss.John closed his eyes just before his lips touched hers, feeling the warm, soft lips of his sister-in-law. Her hands went to his biceps, lingering for a few seconds before they slid up and back around his neck. The kiss spiraled through him like liquid desire and that rush of heated arousal hummed through his blood until he had to step back to catch his breath. Sweet mother Mary, John thought looking at Cara now. She looked the same as she had before their kiss, but in her eyes hed seen a curious hunger that he certainly hadnt expected.“Come upstairs with me wont you?”“Now why would I want to do that?” Cara questioned.Whoever said a woman being a challenge was fun was an idiot and shouldve been shot. “Well, a man has needs Cara. I haven’t had sex, or anything close to it in nearly a year with your sister. She’s always busy with her work and never had the time for me. You’re different Cara. You’re always here for me. I want to make love to you.