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A Love Story with a Little Heartbreak Thomas Dunker

A Love Story with a Little Heartbreak

Thomas Dunker

Kindle Edition
234 pages
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 About the Book 

If I was not captive on a plane there is no way I would ever have finished this. I cannot recall ever reading such a hokey book with the possible exception of The Shack. The work screams for the tender, yet ruthless, ministrations of a good editor - or any editor at all, for that matter. The story itself wasnt bad. It is the supposedly true story of the authors mother overcoming serious adversity. The way it was written, however, made me want to scream - mostly at the end of every chapter. The entire tale was told in an Aw, shucks, mam folksy tone which went out of style circa 1930 (and it took place mainly in the 40s). To add insult to injury, the author apparently fancies himself somewhat of a down-home philosopher so the end of each chapter is a little homily or life lesson enlightening the reader in the way one should think about life, always ending with the sentence, But I digress. And, man, can he digress! This book was on my Nook and was 447 pages long. It should never have made it over 100, in my opinion. Mr. Dunker has several other informative tomes to his credit. As for me, I plan to stay far, far away from them.