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The Meeting

Sexy Singles

Kindle Edition
24 pages
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 About the Book 

It was a few weeks before her turned 60 when he received the email from the woman who, twice, had been his fiancée.The email was very simple, and direct.Leonie had reminded him that 40 years earlier they had made a pact - to meet again when he was 60 years old, at the same beach, the same location, and make love in the sand dunes.She reminded him that date was in two weeks and she would be there, waiting for him.She had never forgotten the pact, and now wanted to relive their youth, for one night of hot passion.Would he go?How would he keep the rendezvous from his wife?And did any of us expect the twist at the end?An exciting erotic short story based on the kinds of things many of us engage in, or are confronted by.It considers the moral questions of infidelity, the promises we make in our weak moments, the fact that we keep so many of our past lovers in our hearts, never truly giving them up.What you or your partner have done in this situation?